Monday, November 2, 2009

Official Ashley Madison Review

The website called "Ashley Madison" can be a little deceiving and is not as obvious and upfront as most discreet affair sites like The Ashley Madison foundation has been using the name strategically to target mostly male audiences who wish to have an affair outside of marriage. Their motto reads: "Life is short, have an affair."

Ashley Madison seems to have taken cheating to a whole new level where it is free to sign up and fairly easy to contact other members who also wish to have an affair. To give this a fair review, we had one of our staff sign up for the site and report back to us. This is what he found:


1. I experimented with the free sign up for about a month and found various opportunities to meet up with a couple of woman. Strangely, I was contacted first by the woman and found 100 results in my area. I then moved up to the paid service and found it a bit overwhelming due to the flood of messages I received from married woman but overall, the communication system that Ashley Madison has in place is nothing short of brilliant.

2. The search function that Ashley Madison offers can be fine tuned to meet all your requirements. Should you prefer blond's from brunettes, you'll be able to define this in your searches.

3. All my researched showed that during my membership with Ashley Madison, all my information was kept confidential which should put many users at ease.

4. They guarantee you that you will have an affair within 3 months with their paid service or 100% your money back. This feature is amazing and ensures you that the money is well spent.

5. The site serves as a gathering place for men and woman that are looking for a "no strings attached" type of relationship. This tends to simplify the process and worries about the man/woman finding out that you are still in a relationship or married.

6. There is currently 3.5 MILLION people who have already signed up for this service which leads to a wider variety of men/woman to choose from.


1. Some of the advanced features are only accessible by paid memberships although the free subscription might prove sufficient for most.

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